RECAT GmbH is young but its roots are far-reaching and strong. In 2011, specialists from the industry joined forces to form an experienced team and found a financially strong partner in TSR Group - the European market leader in the recycling of steel scrap and non-ferrous metals. As TSR-KAT GmbH, in 2012 we acted far beyond the borders. With a spirit of exploration and dedication, we were able to offer our customers in the automotive industry, car recycling, scrap metal, and scrap business something very special: a fully equipped laboratory on site for carrying out our own ICP analyses. What used to be a unique selling proposition in the precious metal recycling industry is today also demonstrated by our approach: The future is our cornerstone, the status quo only the basis for new ideas. We always develop the optimal solution for you - since autumn 2017 as RECAT GmbH, with a new partner and a first-class cast as usual.


High tech region with a view

Well, seen at first glance it’s not the navel of the world, but it gives a clear view of it. As a future-oriented and environmentally friendly business location, the Baden municipality lies directly in the high-tech region of Kraichgau-Stromberg, between Karlsruhe and Heilbronn, with optimal access to the transport network. The proximity to France pays off and even Switzerland is quickly accessible. A high density of automotive suppliers makes daily business so successful.

And we will be there for you in the future too.


Together we set standards

RECAT GmbH has asserted itself in the market by its specialization, its commitment, and as part of the Elemental Group, the international group of precious metal recyclers. With this strong and versatile partner behind us, our experts can act with even more confidence.
That means capital strength, security, flexibility, transparency for you.

Precious metal recycling is intergenerational. Raw materials are scarce, the recovery of valuable resources necessary. Only in balance with the environment will economic success be possible in the future. With us, you get a global network and individual
Advice in one package.

Hand in hand, we secure the next generation.